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"Born" 2 Rally.

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Everyone is born with talents that makes each person unique. To really reach something with this it takes practice, mental power, focus and much more.

I realized this on a family get together in London. And as we are a big family that is around the globe, it took 18 months of previous planning for this get together to happen.

I met my Grandfather (from my fathers site) for the first time in my life. However my son, Tyler, was born an hour earlier in New Zealand. Unfortunately, I could not be in New Zealand due to contract commitments in England. My girlfriend and I wanted Tyler to be born in New Zealand.

My Grandfather asked me why I am here in England and not in New Zealand holding my girlfriends’ hand while she is giving birth to my child, so I explained him I am here to make it to the World Rally Championship. At this time, I was working as a builder and organised my work around any Rallies that are happening here in the UK.

He looked at me and said: “What did you just say?” I did not understand what was going on. He was obviously shocked and asked: “You do not know do you? What you just told me, Tony, you are following in your Dads footsteps.” He told me how mad my father was into Rallying, building cars and competing and how ambitious he was.

My father passed away in June 1980 at 30 years old after a battle of cancer one month before I turned 5 years old. Let’s just say my whole childhood from this day was not that nice, but this is another chapter. Everything I have ever done make sense now and this was a switch in my life which I straight away knew this is not just a dream...this is meant to be.

Losing my Dad how I lost him and hearing this story an hour after my son was born helped that make more sense.

I have always had a mad passion for Cars. This is definitely in my family and I have to keep going. Even though my father could never teach me any of his knowledge he passed his passion and talent on to me.

This is what I was Bourne to do.

I wish so much from the bottom of my heart Alan Williams Green could see me competing in front of my son Tyler.

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Even though your dad couldn't pass on his knowledge to you Tony, the fuel and passion that ran through his veins DEFINITELY runs through yours!

I remember him as a petrol head (the best kind) and I see that totally in you. Keep being the awesome dad you are keep living the dream and keep an eye out for those pesky possums!


Robbie Mclean
Robbie Mclean

Fantastic motivation Tony . Its a super credit to you mate looking forward to following your journey. Robbie McLean

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