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Ashburton Autocross 10/03/2019

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

After the decision was made to drag my 1995 WRX RA Subaru Impreza recce car out of storage and “have some fun”.

A full week of late nights after work prepping the old girl right up until Saturday evening installed some confidence.

Special Thanks to Alan Humm for your re-prep efforts!

Making the WRX ready for the Ashburton Autocross
Garage Bourne2Rally

After we set up for the day at Wayne Muckle’s property with the Ashburton Car Club it was time to do the recce.

1st the car won’t start?! = The Crank angle sensor.

Another special thanks to the Clark Brothers of Burnside Motors for their knowledge and support in sussing that one out.

Once she was running Again, we managed a quite lap only to realize how in dire need of suspension and a Tyre with some sort of tread pattern.

Next on the list of challenges was a DCCD center differential control failing and a number of water leaks that had decided today was the day to test our skills in the art of finishing.

Yet again another special thanks to Noel Willmer...a friend and colleague from, in the UK for your water leak repair skills.

It is simply incredible who you meet in motorsport and where...EPIC!

After one last try to get my centre diff switch to work while drizzle started to settle on the windscreen it was time to “Send it”… Hope for the best with what we had.

As I rolled up to the start line for the final run of the day there could not be any harm in flicking the DCCD switch one more time, could there? It bloody worked! 😊

And I finally found the opportunity to have FUN.

With the rear end bouncing like a pogo stick and the bumper flopping in anger I finally had my first clean run and was Happy!

wrong suspension, bumper screms no more

Later while packing up the service area I heard Anna Freiberg scream out loud across the service area and ran to check what was going on. For me it was completely shocking to be told by the organizers “I have won the day by 2.3 seconds”. Shock Ashburton Autocross win.

Winning the whole thing with that crazy start
Winning the Autocross

So many familiar emotions I have honestly missed so much and needed for a number of years ultimately helped me to realize I am Bourne2Rally and cheating myself and those I Love to try to be anyone else.

Thank you all for your support in taking the time to read my blog and please take time as well to check out the New website.

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